This is Soomin Kim😎

I'm a Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience researcher at Samsung Electronics (Mobile Experiece, Samsung Health). As a HCI researcher, I do research at the intersection of Social Science, Information Science, and Data Analysis. I design and develop AI-infused interactive systems in support of users' online interaction. I engage with users and convert their needs and challenges into valuable research questions and actionable recommendations throughout product design processes. I employ both quantitative and qualitative methods to find and solve users' problems.

My main research field is conversational agents. I developed a conversational system that can gather high-quality data compared to a current web system (CHI 2019 full paper). Recently, we designed and developed the agent, Poki, which manages and facilitates group chat discussion (CHI 2020 full paper, CSCW 2021 full paper).

More broadly, my research interests are in the areas of Human-AI Interaction, digital media, conversational agents, and social computing/data analysis. I also love to make the new services and systems and to analyze user behavior with a data-driven approach.

Blogging on brunch about mobile design and HCI.

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